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Acrylique Montreal is a Montreal Acrylic Coating and Insulation contractor that specializes in providing interior and exterior acrylic and stucco application services for commercial and residential clients in the Montreal area. Stucco Insulation Montreal

We offer interior and exterior application, restoration, patching and repairs for both new constructions and renovation projects. We serve the Island of Montreal, West Island, North Shore, South Shore and the Laurentians.

A Smart Investment in Your Property


Acrylic Insulation in Montreal

Whether you need a complete transformation of your exterior façade or a quick inside repair, trust our professional team for the experience and expertise to make your project into a reality.

We believe that every customer is unique, with distinct preferences and needs  and consider each project to be our utmost priority regardless of its size and scope. Acrylic & Stucco Insulation Montreal

The Acrylique Montreal Advantage

Our Exterior Insulation systems were rigorously tested to perform in the Canadian climate, are engineered to include an air and water-resistive barrier as well as durable, aesthetically diverse finish options, which work together to form a single, seamless and sustainable cladding.  Whether for new construction or renovation, commercial or residential, Acrylique Montreal offers a proven solution to meet the needs of your next project. 

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Our Acrylic Insulation System Delivers 6 Powerful Layers of Protection Acrylic & Stucco Insulation Montreal

1. Flashing System

Protects openings in the building envelope from moisture.

2. Air/Water Barrier

Protects from moisture and eliminates air leakage.

3. Adhesive/ Drainage

Vertical notches allow drainage of incidental moisture.

4. Insulation Board

Absorbs building movement & enhances energy efficiency.

5. Reinforcing Mesh

Provides the primary weather barrier and impact resistance.

6. Finish Coat:

UV Resistant Finish coat from 100% acrylic copolymers.

Stucco Insulation Montreal

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