Montreal Acrylic Coating Experts

Acrylic Coating and Exteriour Insulation Serving Residential and Commercial Property Owners in the Montreal Area



 Acrylic Coating and Exterior Insulation Experts (RBQ 5718-7262-01)

Acrylique Montreal is a reliable and reputable Montreal Exterior Insulation and Acrylic Coating Contractor. We provide exceptional workmanship and unsurpassed customer service to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners in the Montreal Area for over 10 years. We offer interior and exterior application, restoration, patching and repairs for both new constructions and renovation projects.


We offer quality Acrylic Insulation solutions that will make your home look beautiful and energy efficient.


Our commercial acrylic insulation clients include retail and industrial buildings, condominiums and more.


We offer professional refinishing, repair and restoration service of all kinds of acrylic coating and stucco projects


Acrylique Montreal will turn your raw, cave-like garage into a beautifully finished space your car deserves.

Add Elegance and Value to Your Property


Benefits of AM Acrylic Siding Insulation

Energy Efficient

Acts as an insulating blanket on the outside of the building, where it is most effective, saving up to 40% of heating and cooling costs.


Provides unsurpassed long-term durability and adds excellent resistance for virtually any property.

Weather Resistant

Outsulation’s system components provide effective protection against wind and water – in all weather conditions.


The AM Outsulation System is extremely versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of design criteria.

Cost Effective

The most cost effective exterior solution for almost any building. Installation is rapid, and routine maintenance is minimal.

Beautiful Look

Our finishes are available in a wide array of textures, colors and finishes. Your imagination is the limit.

Durable, Energy Efficient and Versatile



Acrylique Montreal offers Acrylic Coating and Insulation contractor that specializes in providing interior and exterior acrylic and stucco application services for commercial and residential clients in the Montreal area. We offer interior and exterior application, restoration, patching and repairs for both new constructions and renovation projects. We serve the Island of Montreal, West Island, North Shore, South Shore and the Laurentians.

Whether your need is the complete transformation of an exterior façade or a quick inside repair, trust our professional  team for the experience and expertise to make your project into a reality. We believe that every customer is unique, with distinct preferences and needs  and consider each project to be our utmost priority regardless of its size and scope.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Acrylique Montreal did an Excellent job refinishing the exterior side of my house. You can tell they are seriously focused on the customer satisfaction.

Marisa Lao Tsu

Pointe Aux Trembles

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fantastic and clean work. The work was done impeccably on time and budget. Well recommended.

Louise Tremblay

Montreal Ouest

I called several stucco contractors in the spring and Serge was the most responsive of all. He came to do an estimate the following day and did an impeccable job.

Aron Goldsmith


Without a doubt, the best and most experienced acrylic siding contractor in Montreal.  Their service is very professional from the first call until the end.

Tony Zahabian


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